Campaigning to end 8 decades of impunity from justice by war criminals & genocide suspects living in the UK

In the 78 years since the end of World War Two, the UK has become a haven for genocidaire and war criminals. That is the stark – and deeply unpalatable – truth. UK governments from Attlee to Thatcher, Blair to Sunak have determined to allow the most serious of all crimes to go unpunished. Genocide is the one crime that is NEVER contested by UK courts. And only ONE person has ever been convicted of war crimes.

UK justice & War Crimes

A detailed history of the 8 decades of UK failure to prosecute war criminals; Stories of individual Nazi Holocaust killers who ‘got away with genocide’; documents/information about the role of Parliament in this march to impunity


The Timeline shows year-on-year the total failure of UK justice to bring 5 suspected Rwandan killers before a court – while in the rest of the world countries have got on with extraditing or trying the accused.

Recent cases & news

Trial reports and notes from recent genocide and war crimes trials and news on other related cases. Most cases have been in France, since it held its first trial in 2014 (it refuses extradition) 20 years after the genocide.

Rwanda genocide suspects in UK

‘bishop’ Celestin Mutabaruka
Celestin Ugirashebuja
Charles Munyaneza
Vincent Bajinya /Brown
Emmanuel Nteziryayo

BREAKING: 25 January 2024: Counter-terrorism police arrest a 69 year-old Rwandan genocide suspect in Gateshead – HERE

Detailed information here about the 5 suspected genocide perpetrators living in the UK – including biographies, allegations against them, extradition hearings and press coverage 2006-2023.
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Current world genocide cases

Felicien Kabuga
Sosthene Munyemana
Seraphin Twahirwa
Fulgence Kayishema

While the UK gives impunity – in other countries trials are taking place of suspects – notably France, Scandinavia, and at the UN in The Hague; meanwhile former ICTR detainees fight for hefty UN pay outs while others take legal action to stop reporting of their crimes.

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Safe Haven

Jon Silverman and Robert Sherwood

Jon Silverman talks to justice4genocide about his new book that details how over decades the UK allowed Nazi Holocaust perpetrators to escape justice – and why this impunity for genocide and war crimes suspects continues unabated today.

BREAKING NEWS – March 2024

GATESHEAD, 25 January, UK Counter Terrorism Policing War Crimes Team have arrested a 69 year-old Rwandan on suspicion of involvement in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi – he is the first UK suspect to be arrested for more than 10 years but is yet to be named officially. The suspect has been bailed while investigations continue after being questioned in Newcastle. More to follow….

FRODUALD RUKESHANGABO AND CELESTIN MUNYABURANGO, Brisbane, Australia, 25 February – two suspected genocide killers have been identified as living happily in Australia after media there tracked them down. RUKESHANGABO, now working as a driving instructor in Brisbane, is alleged to have been part of Hutu militia that tracked down Tutsi before hacking them to death. Former head teacher MUNYABURANGO is said to have killed 21 Tutsi – his whereabouts in unknown but he is thought to be in Brisbane too where his relations live. A documentary by ABC on how the media tracked down the two suspect is available HERE

FULGENCE KAYISHEMACape Town, South Africa, 17 February -Prosecutors moved to bring the 56 counts of immigration fraud and extradition into one centralised court case at the latest hearing. More important, at a date later in March a two day hearing will begin the effort to get the accused extradited to Arusha to stand trial at the UN Mechanism, whose splendid, new multi million dollar courthouse stands as a white elephant to justice that never seems to happen. He is accused of killing of 2,000 Tutsi refugees at Nyange church in collusion with the Catholic priest Fr Athanase Seromba, who is already serving life prison for the horrific crime.

ANATOLE NSENGIYUMVA, Protais Zigiranyiazo et al... Niger, 4 January 2024: It’s raining free UN cash again for the seven former UN detainees. The now annual $10,000 UN handout to the ‘butcher of Gisenyi’ and each of the six other former ICTR detainees has been ordered by a UN judge – the third such $10,000 grant. Living in UN funded accommodation in Niamey, Niger and enjoying UN medical care and in some cases highly expensive legal fees, the UN ‘duty of care’ to these men has left survivors and victims totally bereft. One can only wonder why the UN pays while the extensive families of the former detainees living in Europe seem unable to muster a dime to support their ‘nearest and dearest’.

PIERRE BASABOSE and SERAPHIN TWAHIRWA Brussels Assize Court, 21 December, GUILTY! The ‘King of Evil’, Seraphin Twahirwa, has been sentenced to life in prison after a two month trial for acts of unfathomable cruelty and depravity, including the mass rape of Tutsi women, murdering babies and whole families. Witnesses gave truly horrific evidence, recalling how this butcher personally killed a woman pregnant with twins, His ‘boss’ Basabose will be held for life in a secure unit for his own terrible crimes – senile dementia having saved him from prison.

SOSTHENE MUNYEMANA Paris Assize Court, 20 DecemberGUILTY! Twenty-eight years after the first criminal complaint was made in France against him, the former gynaecologist from Butare and Bordeaux – the so-called ‘Butcher of Tumba’ – has been pronounced guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity. Munyemana was sentenced to 24 years. The court President noted Munyemana had ‘prepared, organised and steered the genocide of the Tutsis in Tumba on a daily basis’. More on this story here. Daily trial reports can be read HERE.

Laurent BUCYIBARUTA: Saint-André-les-Vergers, France, 6 December. The 79 year-old convicted genocidaire and former Prefect of Gikongoro, is dead. Despite being found guilty of horrific crimes at his trial in Paris in July 2022, he was enjoying freedom again awaiting his appeal. It took 22 years for French justice to catch up with him.

UN SECURITY COUNCIL, 12 December The yearly report of the UN Mechanism President Graciela Gatti Santana to the UNSC members, and surrounding debate, took place with Prosecutor Serge Brammertz expressing his ‘immense dissatisfaction’ that Felicien Kabuga has avoided judgement for his alleged role in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Rwanda’s delegate noted that help was needed by the international community to bring more than 1,000 suspected genocidaire to justice – many of them still free and living happily in the west.

UK Police returned to Rwanda in November to step up hugely delayed investigations into 5 alleged genocidaire living freely in UK. It follows their earlier trip in May and January 23.

MIKAELI MUHIMANA, Mali, 26 October: The 62 year old former counseiller of Gishyita commune, Kibuye, has died while serving his life sentence in Mali. His trial in 2005 at the ICTR heard how Muhimana raped and tortured many Tutsi girls – including disembowelling a pregnant woman, removing the baby which cried for a time before dying – also beheading a man whose head he then publicly paraded. He was found guilty of genocide, rape and murder.

PIERRE KAYONDO: Paris, 19 September: The former prefect of Kibuye and deputy prefect of Gitarama was arrested and put in investigative detention as French authorities look into charges he committed genocide. It follows a complaint by survivors and the NGO CPCR against him in 2021.

SYLVESTRE GACUMBITSI, Mali, 10 September: the 80 year old died in prison where he was serving life for his horrific crimes – notably at Nyarubuye church – where the aftermath of the massacre of thousands of Tutsis was filmed by BBC journalist Fergal Keane. On 4 July ALOYS SIMBA, convicted for genocide but controversially released early after serving just 18 years for his genocidal role, died in Porto-Novo, Benin.

FELICIEN KABUGA: The Hague, 7 August: UN Appeal Court overrules its trial court and decides that no trial of any form can go ahead and the man accused of playing a leading part in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi should be free to die happily in his own bed – the question now is to find a state that will take him.

PHILIPPE HATEGEKIMANA Paris, 28 June – is found guilty of genocide at Assize Court and sentenced to life in prison. His trial heard horrific, heart-breaking testimony over 6 weeks of his murderous crimes that took place in and around Nyanza in April/May 1994.

THARCISSE MUVUNYI, Niger, 11 June at his UN-funded accommodation in Niger. He was the only suspect ever to be extradited by the UK. Muvunyi had been freed early by the ICTR from his 15 sentence for inciting genocide, and was one of 8 former detainees currently living at full UN taxpayer expense in Niger.

Major JEAN-PIERRE KARANGWA: on 6 June the Netherlands Supreme Court, refused his extradition – after 25 in the country will they now put him on trial themselves or continue impunity?

French paper Liberation uncovers the alleged role of Col. JEAN-MARIE VIANNEY NZAPFAKUMUNSI – free in France for 25 years – in horrific genocidal attacks in Nyange.

Westminster, UK: 6 June: Parliamentarians hear the Rwandan High Commissioner tell them that the UK’s ‘man-made impunity’ needs to be defeated – politics and words must give way to justice after 17 years of legal failure.

A survivor stands at the Nyanza memorial where more than 2,000 Tutsis were massacred by Hutu militia and military.

A devastated survivor of the genocide at Ntarama church where 5,000 Tutsi men, women, children and babies were killed.

Western retirement

Genocide perpetrators and war criminals deliberately choose western retirements to enjoy a high standard of living shielded by human rights laws that protect them – not their victims. For the vast majority, old age and mental/physical frailty will frustrate justice before justice ever tries catch up with them. As elderly Holocaust perpetrators die peacefully in their own beds after enjoying 75 years of happy western impunity, so they are replaced by genocidaire who have come to make new ‘justice-free’ homes…from Rwanda, Afghanistan, DRC, Eritrea, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria South America, Zimbabwe…

Between 2010- 2016, 817 individuals from the above countries were subject to ‘adverse recommendations’ by UK immigration staff who suspected them of complicity in war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. In the period 2010- 2018, 330 suspected war criminals, already living in the UK for several years, even applied for citizenship! It is unclear if any of these 330 would-be British citizens have had any action taken against them.

The UK judiciary will not extradite suspected perpetrators to ‘unsafe’ countries – the UK government will not resource their trials – the result is a perfect storm of genocide impunity

Rwanda justice4genocide was set up with the help of survivors of the Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi, academics, human rights groups, journalists and many others who have witnessed and are concerned by the abject failure of UK justice over many years to live up to its much-trumpeted legal excellence.
The aim of the site is to expose the inaction, apathy, and hypocrisy that lies behind the rhetoric by UK politicians and which the British and global public have had to listen to for 80 years about how the UK holds the most serious of criminals to account. And inform readers about how past, present and future justice is progressing – or not with news and resources made available in one place.
Justice4genocide believes that perpetrators of genocide and war crimes should NOT have impunity just because it suits a government politically and financially to give it to them.
To be victims of the horrific crime of genocide is terrible enough. To be victimised again by watching perpetrators walking about unpunished, even being paid and housed by their new countries, is unimaginable. Survivors have no freedom from lifelong pain. Why should perpetrators have freedom from justice?